02 / How to write email subject lines to increasing open rate

Keep the subject line short, descriptive and clearly state what’s inside the email.

Around 55% of people read email on mobile devices. iPhone cuts off subject lines after 35 characters in portrait view but displays about 140 characters of preheader. Good preheader text increases click-through rates by over 30% and reduces spam complaints.

A strict no to “no-reply” email.

Not only do you show your recipients that you don't care about what they think or want to ask you, "no-reply" email addresses also hurt your email reputation and deliverability.

Provide an email address that’s linked to a real, live inbox and is being checked often. Even better if you add a person to the sender name. The opening rate increased by 28% when email was sent from a human being comparing to the letter sent from a general marketing alias.