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Automatically send new blog posts to your subscribers.

Set it and forget it

Just enter your RSS feed URL, set how frequently you send (daily, weekly, or monthly) and how many posts you want to include. Design email template using our drag-and-drop email editor or choose one of special templates for RSS campaigns.

That’s it - you’re all set! Now every time there is a new blog post MailerLite will automatically send a campaign to your subscribers.

Setup RSS to Email

Go Further

If you want to get more out of your email campaign. MailerLite offers simple out of the box integrations with your favourite apps. We also offer an API that helps developers integrate smoothly with any service you might have.

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Connect your MailerLite account to the most popular web services to achieve a more efficient workflow.

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Learn more about Developer API

Developer API

Our API makes it easy for developers to simply and smoothly integrate with other apps.

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