iPad Subscribe App

Collect subscribers with iPad

This app is a perfect way to collect new subscribers at your store, trade show, event or any other place where people might like to join your subscriber list. Just put your iPad in a visible place and invite people to subscribe.

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Works offline

Collect subscribers offline and we’ll automatically push them to your MailerLite account the next time you’re connected

Only 15 seconds to setup

Connect to any MailerLite subscriber list, choose one of the design templates and you’re ready to start collecting subscribers.

Protect Your Data

MailerLite Subscribe App settings are password protected.

Customize how it looks

You can customize the subscribe form on iPad to match your own look and feel. You can change the background, fonts, colors, add your own headline, text and thank you message. We’ve included 10 great looking templates to help you get started. But you can build and save your own templates.

iPad Subscribe App

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