How to Create Email Newsletters

Watch a video how to create Email Newsletters with MailerLite. Fast and simple.

We think that the best way to learn how to create email newsletters is to see it being done. It’s incredibly straightforward to design and build your email newsletters from scratch. Fast!

Take a look at our video now and learn how to create email newsletters with MailerLite. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3...

See for yourself how simple it is for you to drag and drop blocks of content into place and customize your colours and themes with our amazing email newsletter software.

Our video shows you how to use our app’s email newsletter templates to produce your own unique and professional looking newsletter campaign in minutes!

Also, see how to create HTML newsletters using your own logos, images and photos.

If after watching the video you are still not sure how to make an email newsletter then why not contact us and we’ll help! No problem.

Would you like to create an email newsletter free today?

More Email Marketing Service Features


Introduce new customers to your products or surprise existing ones with an exclusive offer triggered by their behavior. Our automation feature allows you to engage with your customers at scale with little effort.

Landing Pages

Create new possibilities and results for your marketing campaigns with our free landing page feature. Like everything here at MailerLite, making landing pages is quick and easy with our drag & drop builder.


Design and create popup forms for your website using our simple Form Builder. Make them fit your brand and match your newsletter style. New subscribers from your website will go directly to MailerLite subscriber groups.

Top Deliverability

We have the power to deliver your emails successfully to the Inbox. Authentication, firm relationships with ISPs, monitoring tools and industry-leading mail servers ensure your emails are delivered.

Track Your Results

Measure newsletter results with MailerLite Reports. Get an overview of everything from Opens and Clicks, Unsubscribes, Spam Complaints, Bounces to Link Activity, Reading Environment and much more.


Want to sync your subscriber data automatically from your own app? Integrate with our API or use one of our prebuilt plugins for Facebook, Wordpress, Shopify, Sumo and other popular CMS, CRM & Marketing systems.