Upsbscribe integration with MailerLite

Upscribe integration with MailerLite

Newsletter Signup Forms for Medium.


Build one in a couple clicks seconds. Just paste the link on your Medium post. That's it! You can easaly export your signups with one click and grow your loyal following.

Upscribe integratiuon with MailerLite

How it works

1. Create an Upscribe form and sign up for their service.

2. Grab the API Key from our Upscribe Integration page in the application.

3. Paste the created form in your Medium article.

That's it! Now your subscribers that you collected from the Medium article will be synced with your MailerLite account.

Integration Details

Developer: Upscribe

Price: Upscribe is free to use. Premium plan's costs $10 a month. Click here to find out more.

Integration Support: Get in contact with Upscribe

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