Project Manager integratiuon with MailerLite

Project Manager integration with MailerLite

The Best Way to Manage Your Projects

TRY IT OUT is a project management software solution that offers a broad array of applications, including budgeting, time tracking, task management, document management and reporting.

Ninja Popups integratiuon with MailerLite

How it works

1. At the top of the page in Zapier click “Make a Zap” and choose your trigger steps and action for the two apps.

2. Enter your Mailerlite API key.

3. Once the zap is approved turn on your Zap and give it a name on your Zapier dashboard.

That’s it! Once your zap is turned on you can create a new subscriber in Mailerlite when a New Resource or File is added in

Integration Details

Developer: Project Manager

Price: It costs from $15 up to $25 a month to use Project Manager. Click here to find out more.

Integration Support: Get in contact with ProjectManager

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