CreateForm integration with MailerLite

CreateForm integration with MailerLite

GetSiteControl offers full-featured yet easy-to-use website widgets.


GetSiteControl offers simple and effective widget kit for your website: surveys, live chats, opt-in and contact forms, promos, follow and share buttons.

CreateForm integration with MailerLite

How it works

1. Open your GetSiteControl dashboard, click the Site settings link at the top of the page and switch to the Integrations tab. Find MailerLite in the list of applications and click Connect.

2. Enter your MailerLite API key which you can find in the MailerLite application integrations page.

3. Now go back to the list of GetSiteControl widgets, find the one you want to connect to MailerLite and click Edit. Switch to the Integrations tab and choose MailerLite from the drop-down list under Third-party integrations

4. Use the second drop-down menu to choose one of your MailerLite lists. This is the list captured emails will be sent to.

Integration Details

Developer: GetSiteControl

Price: GetSiteControl is free to use. Premium plan's costs from $10 up to $20 a month. Click here to find out more.

Integration Support: Get in contact with GetSiteControl

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