CreateForm integration with MailerLite

CreateForm integration with MailerLite

CreateForm allows anyone to create beautiful online forms without the need to know any code.


It’s as simple as drag and drop. CreateForm offers form customization as well as real time analytics so you can gain insight about which forms are performing better. The best part is - you can send any data you collect with your CreateForm straight to MailerLite and start engaging with your new audience.

CreateForm integration with MailerLite

How it works

1. Create your form like you normally would, and add all the fields you want. There's no need to know code.

2. In your CreateForm account, go to Integrations. Click "Add New account" and find MailerLite in the list.

3. Enter your MailerLite API Key and your account or company name. That's it, you're connected!

Integration Details

Developer: CreateForm

Price: It costs from $10 up to $70 a month to use CreateForm. Click here to find out more.

Integration Support: Get in contact with CreateForm

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