Auto Resend Campaigns

Increase your open rate up to 30% by automatically resending your campaign to those recipients who didn’t open it the first time or didn’t click any links.

3 types of Auto Resend campaigns

The fastest way to create an Auto Resend campaign is to change the subject line and send the same content. For better results, try changing both the subject line and parts of the original content. For the best results, add a personal follow-up message.

Select one of three campaigns

Select the rule when to send

You can set the Auto Resend campaign to be sent to subscribers who didn't open the original campaign or didn't click any links for a specified period of time.

Select when to send your campaign

Follow up with a personal message

You can add a personal message in text on top of your original email. Your subscribers will feel special and will be more likely to engage with you.

Follow up with a personal message

Other Features