A/B Split Testing

Send two slightly different emails to a sample group of your subscribers to see which one drives more engagement and then use the winning email to send to the rest of your list.

Choose what to test

MailerLite A/B Split Testing feature makes it easy to test different subject lines, sender details, email content or even totally different email designs.

MailerLite A/B Testing

Pick the winner automatically

Set the recipient sample size and the rules how you want to pick the winning version. We'll automatically send it to the rest of your subscribers. You can also select the winner manually if you want.

MailerLite A/B Testing winner

View A/B test results

On the campaign report page you'll find each version’s statistics. Learn how your subscribers react to different factors and use this information to increase subscriber engagement in your future campaigns.

MailerLite A/B Testing reports

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